3D printing: what is it and how does it work?

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Not to mention these magnificent machines that came to facilitate the execution of the most ambitious graphic projects. Cultivated among amateurs and professionals, this new technology arrived a few years ago in the Brazilian market carrying many promises, but also raising many doubts. With the finer options of เครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ you can have the best deals now.

เครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ

If you are part of this group of curious people, check out this list where we answer the most frequently asked questions about the use and functionality of 3D printers. Come on?

3D Printer: What is it for?

Equipment that develops models so quickly and at the low cost of production will obviously have a variety of functions. Basically, a 3D printer makes it easy to produce test pieces, full scale or not, although with a different materials than the final product. Prior to the emergence of 3D printers, the prototyping process had to be done manually. After that, the mold would be created for future and larger scale reproductions. A procedure that besides being time-consuming could carry a cost almost equivalent to the production of the final version of the part in question. Thanks to the 3D technique, this is no longer necessary.

What projects can I easily print?

With the affordable cost of raw materials, the desire to get your hands dirty and start creating something with your 3D printer can be overwhelming. Here are some objects that can be created without much work using your printer. Artistic pieces such as jewelry and sculptures, Nerdy sculptures like action figures and miniatures, Architecture molds to visualize projects, Implants and models for medical area, Food molds to decorate gastronomic spaces, Replacement or spare machinery parts.

What knowledge do I need to start printing?

If you want to get involved in every step of the process, getting an idea out of your mind, going through 3D editing software, and then getting the printer to run it, you’ll need to spend time studying how these programs work. To the delight of those who don’t have the time, or the head, to study 3D editing processes, there are a number of free projects that can be downloaded and run very easily. The site brings together several such user-created files that dominate major editing tools such as Blender. It is now up to you to choose the project adapted for your printer and send control + p.

How much does the raw material cost?

Let’s talk first about the cost of the material, which will vary according to the technique used by your 3D printer. The ABS or PLA plastic filament used in most printer models is the cheapest material. It tends to cost $ 48 or $ 96 per pound of material. Now just know the total weight of the project you want to execute and estimate the cost it will have for you. However, when we talk about more sophisticated 3D printing techniques, such as liquid resin, the value of the material can go up considerably. The raw material can be found for $ 149 a liter, according to experts a company that makes printers that use this technique.