Some facts about Kratom

Kratom is basically extracted from a tree that is in Southeast Asia. The tree is called Mitragyna speciosa that is according to the DEA. The leaves of this tree can be found to have psychoactive properties. The effect of these properties can be felt through smoking. Another way of taking this substance is by adding it into tea or putting into capsules.

Why do people take kratom?

This is obviously a question that would come in the mind of a person who is not very familiar with the substance. There are many effects due to which people consume this and one reason is its pain relief property. People who used to have serious pain, have been reported to reduce the pain. It is considered to be a good analgesic, or painkiller.

One more benefit is that people who have started using this substance have reported reducing the usage of other drugs specifically opiates. In fact, some people also use this substance to ease symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Many people have also found success in leaving opiates forever.

Risks by Kratom

There are certain risk factors that can be experienced by the person and those are similar to those of opiates. Side effects include upset stomach, vomiting, itching, and mild sedation. But the risk of experiencing these side effects is very less if we compare them to opiates. There have been some deaths that are associated with the use of Kratom, however, it is not really clear that the user died directly due to drug consumption or not. Overdosing of Kratom is not very much heard.

Is kratom addictive?

The simple answer is yes. It has addictive properties. In fact, some people have also claimed to experience withdrawal symptoms when they have stopped using kratom. In addition to that, the user develops a tolerance to the drug. An interesting fact about this substance is that one in 10 people in the study reported withdrawal symptoms after consuming a heavy dose.

These were some of the important things that you need to know about Kratom. There are many other pieces of information on the web that you need to read in order to learn and know about this substance. You can find more info on kratom on the internet anywhere. This substance is really interesting. From its history to its effects, there are a lot of interesting things you need to know.