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Can pills be returned to the pharmacy? According to the law, drugs of good quality cannot be returned or exchanged after their purchase. Therefore, if the tablets did not fit for subjective reasons, then they cannot be handed back, even if the presentation is fully preserved. For example, if a consumer, due to his own mistake, purchased a drug with the wrong name or in the wrong dosage. You can buy hydrocodone online with the perfect details now.

The Finer Details

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In addition to medicines, pharmacy employees are not allowed to take back purchases from the following categories:

  • Products for personal hygiene.
  • Solutions and gels for sanitation.
  • Consumables (adhesive tape, syringes, etc.).
  • Perfume and cosmetic products.
  • Care products (such as decubitus mattresses and oilcloths).

Although products from the list of non-refundable products do not apply to medicines, all this can be purchased at pharmacies. In some cases, the employees of outlets go towards the customers and, despite the legal norms, accept goods for return or exchange, if the consumer and commodity properties of the products are preserved.

Consumer right

Pharmaceutical products are very diverse, they are actually medicines, and vitamins, and skin, body, teeth, etc. care products, and prophylactic drugs, and all kinds of devices, and much more. We will even consider whether it is possible to return vitamins to the pharmacy.

In this case, it is necessary to emphasize that the seller (consultant) provided incorrect or inaccurate, incomplete information about the medicine. It is important that this fact is true.

Attention! If you have been sold a medicine that expires in a day, two or a week, and you buy it to use it for a month or longer, then this is a completely legitimate reason to return quality products to the seller.

The basis – a violation of paragraph 24 of the General Provisions of the “Rules for the sale of certain types of goods…”, approved. This paragraph 24 states that the seller must transfer products for which an expiration date has been established so that the goods can be used by the consumer before it becomes expired.

The expiration date has already expired

  • No information on the manufacturer, release form, release date, etc.
  • The shelf life on the plate itself with tablets or ampoules differs from that applied to the cardboard packaging
  • The contents do not correspond in color, smell, consistency, etc. to the properties of those characteristics that are described in the instructions for the drug
  • The packaging is damaged – there is a chip or crack on the bottle, ampoule, and the cardboard is wrinkled, torn, there is no lid, the labels are smeared when printing, etc.
  • The instruction is completely absent or enclosed in a completely different product, etc.

It is also important to know:

If the product is not a medicine, but a means of prevention, patient care, etc., then such items are also impossible to return without detecting defects.

The return of purchases to the pharmacy is regulated by the following legislative acts:

The state’s policy regarding the sale of medicines and various means for the prevention and treatment of diseases is tightly implemented, so there is simply no chance of returning pharmacy products without really good reason.

Conditions for returning the medicine to the pharmacy with a receipt

Often, buyers express a desire to return the goods to the place of sale after discovering its low quality or defects on it. It is forbidden to sell such medicines, and consumers may demand the replacement of low-quality goods, even if they do not have a receipt with them.