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Credit Card Benefits You Need To Know

Despite the credit card benefits, personal finance experts spend a lot of energy trying to stop us from using them and for some reason. Many of us abuse them and get into debt. But contrary to common belief, if you know how to use the card responsibly, you can enjoy many more advantages than you might think. Below we will show that there is more than convenience among plastiq code card benefits. Check out:

More security for your purchases

When it comes to protecting your money, the credit card benefits compared to cash, checks or even debit card are numerous. We can mention among them:

Lost money cannot be replaced. Thus, most credit cards can be reissued in a short period and without surcharges. You don’t always have the money at hand when that opportunity comes up to buy something you really want. A credit card is a great ally for these hours, as it allows you to get what you want or need a lot and have some extra time to organize and pay for the item later. In fact, credit cards usually give customers a relief period of up to 40 days or so before interest begins to be charged.

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You can earn while you spend

A variety of frequent flyer and frequent flyer programs, travel insurance, partnering with stores and service providers, and a host of other incentives benefit customers on their credit card accounts, meaning that basically, those who know how to take advantage of these advantages, you can earn money while using the card

For every dollar spent on the card, the user earns one point and can be even more attractive with Platinum and Black products, which score differently. In return, you can redeem these points for air travel, vacation packages, movie tickets, clothing, mobile phone recharge, consumer electronics, household goods, credit on your bill, and discount on your card’s annuity.

In the notebook

Or rather in the app. Using credit cards allows you in some cases to track your spending in real-time. It is easier for you to understand interest, taxes paid and plan your bills. If you have paid in installments, you can also more easily know the day the amount is debited from the account and also plan the next installments in a healthier way.


You might even think, but a credit card won’t save you money. Well, know that you are mistaken. If you can get organized, you can do some things like borrowing money to pay a mortgage, course or college or even a car. Depending on your track record, the savings on applying for a loan, compared to the interest on a down payment, can save you a good few from your pocket.


Contingencies and emergency expenses usually arrive. So it is always good to have some money stored somewhere. If you don’t have it, your credit card is a lifeline. There are several cases in which installment payments can help, from paying for auto repair shops to medical costs with sudden problems.