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It is recommended to carry out the acquisition process through contracts. In these documents, try to stipulate the guarantees that must be provided by the dealer. Read these terms and guarantees carefully to make sure that every deal is clearly stated in the contract. Then, carefully review the sales contract and make sure that the total cost is within the expected, as well as the accessories and the operating system. Along with the generators by YRCO you can now find the best choices.

In addition, always try to buy from reputable dealers. That way, you will avoid problems and losses. In summary, we can classify the advantages and disadvantages of a semi-new excavator as follows:

Advantages of the semi-new excavator

generators by YRCO

Substantially less expensive, a used excavator can cost up to 30% of the value of the original part.


Excavators are made to last. However, they are designed to work for at least 10,000 hours without the need for repair. On used machines, part of these hours worked has already been used, which reduces the useful life:

  • Difficulty finding spare parts,
  • Difficulty and finding authorized technical assistance,
  • Outdated technology, especially in gas emissions and ergonomics.

When to opt for a new excavator

A new excavator is better if you have specific demands that more generic equipment cannot address if your project requires precision in the excavation. This is the case, for example, with the construction of tunnels or pipes and some mining activities. In this case, the safety of the equipment is essential, and the embedded technology brings greater reliability to the excavation process. In this way, most excavators and other heavy equipment are resold because they have become obsolete. Therefore, if your project requires precision, then a new excavator is best.

What to Watch for New Excavators

Cost is certainly the first point to note. In fact, investment in a new excavator is high. On the other hand, your new excavator will be a company asset for a long period of time, as long as it is properly maintained. Therefore, it is very likely that the purchase cost will be paid as the equipment is put to work. In other words, if the company has many projects and excavations to be carried out, a new excavator can be an excellent investment.

As with used cars, it is important to consider the depreciation of the excavator. In the automotive industry as well as in tractors and implements, wear and devaluation of equipment over time must be considered in the company’s financial planning.

Also, the details of safety and ergonomics are important. Check the Regulatory Standards for the activity in question before purchasing the equipment. Similarly, check the guarantees. Both spare parts available and authorized technical assistance are essential to ensure the productivity of your enterprise. There is nothing worse than equipment stopped for lack of parts, isn’t it? Therefore, always invest in preventive maintenance. To ensure that your investment is not lost in the long run, the equipment must be kept in good resale condition.

What type of excavator do I need?

First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the type of equipment needed. There are currently three main excavator sizes: small, medium and large. In addition, there are several differences in the power, weight class and size of the blades. Therefore, in general, prices for an excavator vary according to size and purpose.