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To be successful in decorating a bathroom, it is essential to correctly choose the furniture for a space theme, as well as the material of which it is composed. That said, we offer you the best tips for choosing the right elements and managing to give your space the look and functionality it requires. For the bathroomware by Waterware this is important.

Recognize what furniture is essential

We have to know that a standard bathroom measures approximately 4m2, taking into account that the sink, shower or bathtub and the toilet take up almost the entire space. The rest should be assigned to storage modules.

bathroomware by Waterware

Vanity unit

Decoration specialists agree that the essential bathroom furniture is under the sink, as it makes cleaning easier. They must have cushioned closures and removable drawers.

Towel rails and mirrors

The correct thing is that the towel rail is integrated into the toilet to clear the walls while the mirror must have an interior cabinet with several compartments.

Corner furniture

And it is that due to the little space it has, it is advisable to take advantage of every corner with a pair of shelves or corner furniture that represents storage space and also provides good visibility on what we are looking for.

Vertical suspended storage

It represents an important option since it transmits a clear visual sensation. In the event that your bathroom is very small, the ideal is an auxiliary trolley to be able to move it. You want to renovate your bathroom furniture but you are not sure which one can be the best.

Think about the type of use and style of your bathroom

The first thing we must discern is whether it is the main bathroom or the guest bathroom. If you want to furnish a guest bathroom, you can focus more on its design than on its functionality, since as it will be used occasionally it does not need to be as resistant and with fewer accessories, you will have enough. Style can be prioritized over function.

On the contrary, if it is the bathroom you use every day, it is important to choose a piece of furniture with large drawers and well organized in which everything fits comfortably. Take into account those items that you use more regularly, such as bottles, jars, pots, etc. and projects a place for each one.

There are a variety of accessories that can complete your bathroom along with the furniture, such as towel rails, mirrors, baskets, auxiliary furniture or shelves. You can make a plan with the distribution so you are guided when choosing the ideal piece of furniture.

Take space measurements

The space of your bathroom will determine the measurements of the furniture you end up choosing. You have to take these three basic measures:

Width: With a meter, measure the maximum width available where you plan to place the bathroom furniture. You should not disturb when opening and closing the bathroom door, or get in the way of other elements such as the toilet, bidet or shower. The most common width measurements are from 60 to 100 cm. We have a great variety for you to choose from.

High: It is very important especially if you are going to choose suspended furniture. If you have taps built into the wall in your bathroom, make sure that the furniture is appropriately sized so that it does not splash water.