How the lawyers handle family cases?

The person who has the official power to make legal decisions and judgments is named as a solicitor . If a person completes his law course in India he is certified as a lawyer. But when he completes his course in England he will be named as Barrister. Getting a law degree certificate is not enough to become an advocate. We should handle many cases in court to get well experienced.

Before entering into the court as a lawyer you should pass the BCI exam. This is common for all law students who complete their degrees in India.

What is legal aid?

This system is first introduced in 1949 which acts as a part of the development of the post-war welfare state with National Health Service. This law provides legal advice and out-of-court representation by the lawyers. At first National Health Service provides free access for medical service which accesses free legal advice. And the representation is always been subjected to means-test and merits-test.

What is the means-test?


It is a scheme intended to reach 80 percent of the poorest people population. And the other will not receive free legal services in this scheme they need to make a contribution towards costs. Then the means test has progressively tightened up and the scheme can cover the other third of the population. In 2008 most of the legal aid lawyers earned more than 25,000 pounds in their profession.

Legal aid schemes can cover a wide range of issues in civil and family laws. In particular, those who are affecting the poorer members of society, such as problems like debt, housing, family breakdown, and other causes.

These problems have been set to change in 2013 when the controversial legal aid is sentenced. The act raises profound concerns to access to justice that is largely removing legal aid from many areas of law. Many family lawyers will be more interested in the impact of these reforms on families. Some of the government’s family cases for removing legal aid from the cases depend upon the erroneous view. Litigation denotes the involvement of a lawyer in their case inevitably. Instead of providing legal service, they are going to fund mediation.

The fund mediation refers to the process where one impartial person (mediator) facilitates the parties to reach their agreement about the case. The funding will be in a very small amount and will be available for limited legal advice that supports the mediation. What the government thinks is that the mediation will achieve cheaper and durable outcomes than the lawyer outcomes.

If you see by contrast research only about 15 percent of cases go to court that are the arrangements for children after parental. And the remaining families reach an agreement, with the help of their lawyers. And by portraying lawyers on litigation government overlooks every lawyer’s role about how they manage their clients.

Still, some of the couples use mediation process but the availability of legal services for financial parties creates a threat of litigation. This litigation should the mediation fail. These insensitive the stronger parties to join in mediation.