Power to Choose Energy

How to Choose an Electricity Supplier? Parameters That Are Worth Watching

You may be tired of unnecessarily high costs associated with electricity consumption, so you are looking for a better supplier who will offer you better conditions than the current one. A number of companies currently offer electricity. You will need the Power to Choose Energy .

How to choose the right one?

You can think about switching suppliers thanks to the electricity market liberalization. You can freely decide who will supply you with electricity. And it is probably understandable that there are considerable differences between dozens of electricity suppliers. Not only in terms of pricing policy, but the level of client service or the quality of additional services is also often different.

Which parameters should you take into account when choosing a more advantageous supplier so that the change is not just a mud-to-puddle route? There are a number of aspects that distinguish not very good or simply ordinary suppliers from the best.

Power to Choose Energy

How do you know a good electricity supplier?

When selecting a new supplier, note:

  • Price offer,
  • Client service,
  • Quality of service,
  • Contract and business terms,
  • Supplier credibility.


Cost savings over an existing supplier are a key criterion for many. However, it may seem at first glance that, due to the large number of alternative electricity suppliers, the consumer has a more difficult path. How to find the best deal? Fortunately, the time has progressed and you no longer have to complicatedly circulate all branches and spend hours comparing different products.

Time and worries are made easier by special electricity price calculators that offer easy comparisons. Just enter some basic information and the calculator will show you immediately how much you will pay for each supplier and how much you can save.

When choosing a new supplier, the price is certainly crucial, but do not rely solely on it. If you were tempted by the lowest bidder without knowing more about the supplier, you might be surprised over time. You often pay for a limited range of services. Therefore, always wonder what you get for a given price.

Client service

In addition to the price, client service is also important. You can find out its level by calling a test call at the info line. Prepare a few questions and see how willing the operator will answer them, how he will deal with you and whether he is well trained.

The right supplier should keep you informed of all the news and current changes in the offer, always free of charge. The experience of existing clients can also tell you in this respect. Feel free to ask about the references from your friends, colleagues or discussions on the Internet. The experience of others will reveal more than the official text on the supplier’s website.

Quality of service

Do you want the supplier to have a wide network of branches all over the country or do you mind virtual communication? Do you expect a rich portfolio of services from your supplier? The range of client services is also determined by the selected product line. Some offer convenient management of your bills and invoices over the internet, others offer the option to use a free 24-hour information line or electricity price fixation.