Vitamin Supplements

Identify vitamins and deficiencies For Your requirements

To find out about yours and how to make up for your deficiencies, you can consult the Vitamin Supplements website. But despite everything, it happens that vitamin deficiencies develop in some cases. For example, pregnant women will have greater needs to ensure the proper development of the fetus, while those with heavy periods will be at greater risk of iron deficiency.

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for the proper functioning of the body. But sometimes it can happen that we are deficient in one or the other of its substances. So how do you stay healthy and make the right choice when it comes to vitamin supplements sold in pharmacies?

  • Also, people who are on a diet or who have digestive problems generally do not absorb enough of these vitamins essential for our well-being. Smokers, on the other hand, are likely to lack vitamin C whose assimilation by the body decreases under the effect of cigarettes.
  • Before rushing to the shelves of pharmacies, we must, therefore, investigate our real deficiencies and our need for vitamins. There is no point in unnecessarily ingesting vitamins since some may be toxic. The role of these natural health products is to supplement, not replace, our daily needs.

Find your vitamins at the pharmacy

Vitamin Supplements

The price

Once at the pharmacy looking for vitamins, you now have to unravel the pharmaceutical jargon and find your way among the dozens of bottles with attractive labels. Without counting on the prices which can easily go from simple to double. Once these two parameters have been ruled out, you still have two variables to examine.

Obviously, it’s best to turn to what will make your life easier. If the simple idea of ​​swallowing a pill puts you off, you could, for example, opt for capsules that you can then open in order to recover the contents and integrate it into yogurt.

Your vitamin needs

The second variable is then to check whether the vitamin supplements meet your needs and whether their intake will fill your deficiencies. Be aware that from one manufacturer and from one type of supplement to another, the doses of vitamins advertised and the actual doses may be different. Health Canada has therefore put in place regulations to promote compliance with manufacturing standards.

Vitamin supplements seem to be the ideal way to do something good for your health without much effort. They often taste delicious and are also inexpensive. So many in the drugstore or supermarket are courageous when the packs of nutritional supplements are offered there.

Each vitamin supplement, whether natural or homeopathic, must, therefore, be approved, considered safe, effective and of high quality before being allowed to be marketed in Canada. An identification number, (NPN) or (DIN-HM), will then be assigned to it and then affixed to the boxes and bottles to guarantee its legitimacy. Unfortunately, some of them sometimes escape the vigilance of the government and end up on the shelves of our pharmacists.

By now everyone knows that vitamins are extremely important for health. A balanced diet with many vitamins and trace elements is the basis for a healthy life. But in stressful everyday life there is often not enough time to always cook freshly, and in the evening on the sofa, snacks just taste better than an apple.