nicotine salts from E-Liquids

Life is to live and not to die

An e-cigarette is also known as electronic cigarettes. The vaping is fully made of some of the chemicals and as well as toxins. Mostly the person who ever uses this vaping will be affected by cancer. Especially lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer bladder cancer and other diseases like asthma, inflammation of the lung and the disease of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in which it is shortly known as COPD these are also some of the diseases which have a linkage about lung diseases. Here we able to know the defects that cause because of nicotine salts from E-Liquids is listed below.

nicotine salts from E-Liquids


there are some of the symptoms related to vaping are shortness of breath, abdominal pain, fatigue, losing weight, Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. Recently there is a new disease that causing to people because of vaping and e-cigarettes are EVALI which have been affected hundreds of people.

Lung cancer

It is a serious disease in which the cells of our body divide without any control in our lungs. The cause of lung disease is mainly due to the smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes. In our body, the cells are mostly divided into small cells and nonsmall cells. These small cells developed in our body if we have lung cancer and it also spread in our body as it’ starts by lymph nodes and the other tissues after a severe condition of causing lymph it spreads over the body and leads to death. Three ways to spread lung cancer in our body first it affects mostly in tissues, then the blood which spread and give away spread the lung disease in our body as it flows all over the body and at last as the initial point is the lymph system. Some of the symptoms are coughing, blood will be coming out from your mouth whenever coughing, chest pain, shoulder pain, swelling from face and neck, wheezing is some of the symptoms which cause lung cancer.

Esophageal cancer

The esophageal in a part of the body which is connected from throat pain and your stomach. Mostly the cancer cells begin in the esophageal tube. Some of the symptoms are difficult to swallow, coughing, burning of heart, high pressure which is known as hypertension, loosing of weight, chest pain.

Types of esophageal cancer

There are some of the types of esophageal cancer they are

Adenocarcinoma this cell starts in the glands of mucus secreting, it mostly affects the lower portion of body in the esophagus and most commonly affects white men

Squamous cell carcinoma is of falter and as well as thin cells it occurs mostly in the upper and middle part of the esophagus. Most of the people have been affected by high squamous cell carcinoma in worldwide.

Small cell carcinoma






If the person who has affects Esophagus cancer it is very risky and mostly impossible to take liquid or food in the food pipe which is also known as esophageal routeway. It makes a lot of pain in the way of Esophagus. In severe condition, they cause bleeding suddenly several times


In way to prevent cancer is to stop using vaping, e-cigarettes, alcohol, used to eat much more fruits and more vegetables which takes you in a healthy way and to maintain weight as much as possible