laboratory relocation

Refresh into New ideas with Relocation

laboratory relocation is a complex process only but if we plan and execute correctly then this process is also very much easy for all. In this process, we have to practice some recommendations when relocating a lab into a new place or space.

The internal team must be identified

laboratory relocation

The first thing in this process is to identify the person involved in this move. Involving all the staff in this moving process is an important one. At the same time, recognizing a key person in our organization and make them a captain in the moving process will help when we have more staff. Beginning the meeting with our moving staff and will determine key dates in the moving process help to disseminate as an alarm to all staff. Executing the daily schedules of moving team meetings will help to keep the staff in the loop and to clear the issues when they arise themselves.

Cold storage transport

Many laboratories have items like samples, substances that all must be kept in cold storage only. For these items, it is enough to keep them in teach with contain freezer. Some items will have exact temperature requirements and range. For that items, we have to maintain integrity during the moving process. We have to recommend the moving process staff has a backup freezer because sometimes the current freezer will go down while moving. At the time backup freezer will help to keep the substance inappropriate manner. We have to recommended keeping dry ice also on the day.

Handling sensitive equipment is quite complex

Most of the laboratories have very high sensitive equipment that is quite expensive and highly fragile. Most of the equipment required complex calibration procedures. If we spend more money on the company then automatically generated the company moves this sensitive equipment without any damage. It’s just common sense for moving a piece of equipment from one place to another. This type of minor investment to protect our equipment will save a staff’s hours in a long period.

Attention to a chain of custody

When the user plans to relocate the laboratory, the user must think about the transport of any items that needed a chain of custody documentation. It was a common way in laboratories that have evidence for law enforcement agencies. On the other side of the laboratory, it considers the chain of custody. Maintaining the chain of custody with the help of arranging the escorts for some items during lab relocation. It helps to relocate things safely.

Special permits required for hazardous materials

The substance is considered hazardous materials in most of the laboratories in the department of transportation. Users have to consult suitable authorities to get information about the legality of material while transporting from users’ laboratory. Legal consideration for hazardous materials is more safely considered. Some steps will be taken to ensure public safety when transporting dangerous items. If any bad things happen to people then users have to give compensation for people who are all affected by hazardous materials. Seeing the laboratory relocation process from the outside is a very complex process only but if we involve in this process then it more easy and simple process.