Support of ADA to the Disabled Americans

Americans with Disabilities Act has a unique definition of disability which an individual must meet. An individual is noted as disabled if he has a physical or mental impairment, which substantially lowers either the minor or significant activities of life. If such impairment is recorded, then the individual is noted as disabled. disability definitions is a learning disability among people. It is a term associated with the math learning disability. There are many features of learning disability in math, and it varies from person to person. The common characteristics of the learning difficulty, especially in math, are counting, math calculations, challenges in measuring, time, learning the number facts, mental math, and even in the problem solving analytical skills.

People with these learning disabilities will make people undergo some limitations in their healthy life. They suffer from discrimination, and thus, the Act has been developed to support them in public life. This act gives civil rights protections to the people who are with disabilities.


Creating Employment Opportunities:

Employers who have more than 15 employees should not discriminate against the individual who is either mentally or physically disabled. They should be providing the necessary accommodation to the disabled, or else there would result in a hardship. Employers have the right to reject the applications received from the individual who will be a threat to other employees of the organization. It is better to save all the employees from the individual than to support the one with employment as it may lead to some other risks. The complaints can be submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It will make necessary remedies that may include the back pay or the issue of court orders to stop the discrimination.

Safety of Disabled in Public Accommodations:

To avoid discrimination in the public accommodations against disabled people, some changes can be introduced in the policy formation, practices and procedures of the organization. This will help the nation to limit and completely prohibit discrimination. The places like malls, theatres should make proper necessary aids and services to the hearing disability persons and the individuals with vision impairments. They can be assisted with the interpreters or given the hearing grants according to their level of disability.

Making Transportation Simple:

Specialized transportation or paratransit can be provided to persons with disabilities. As they cannot use the rigid route bus services, it can be a convenient option for them. Public transport must be given individual facilities to satisfy the needs of disabled persons. It can contain spacious seats or wheelchair facilities on the bus. This makes travel even more straightforward and safe for disabled persons.

These facilities can make they are living even more comfortable and make them feel like an ordinary individual also though they have disabilities. This act has changed the life of the disabled people enormously as they can enjoy the benefits of the facilities as mentioned above. The facilities have not only changed their outer environment but also their inner self in attaining satisfaction. You can see the differences between this act has started and has slow down. Many changes have brought out for people.