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The Best Property Consultation that you Can Have Now

You have decided to sell or rent your property with a real estate agency. I spent more than a year studying agencies and their “little traffic” between them. Do not let yourself be coaxed. The agents will make you sweet eyes during the first interview and then things get tough. From the property consultants you can have the smartest deals now.

Choose Your Real Estate Agent: Woman Or Man?

First, choose the real estate agency, but especially the real estate agent. If you are more comfortable with a man or a woman, say so.

You have to be comfortable with him: you will spend some time with the real estate agent then in time be comfortable with him. If the agency refuses, then go your way. What’s the point? You will not be comfortable and the future buyer may feel this discomfort and use it during the negotiation.

Typical Case Example

property consultants

The real estate agent did not like the saleswoman. He characterized her as an “annoying and meticulous customer”, so he didn’t really make any efforts during the sale. I will not say that he devalued the house, but in any case, his objective was elsewhere. The real estate agent insinuated that the house was not at the right price and thanks to this technique, the sale price fell by 5%.

Role Of The Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent has a very important role: he represents both the real estate agency, but also it represents a “security” element for future buyers, sellers or renters.

First, it assesses the value of your property; assess the real estate value of your neighborhood; research the best financing options.

All new goods require a complete file in order to attract customers. If he himself does not know the area of ​​your house, customers will be destabilized and will get a bad image of the property.

If your property is in a subdivision, the real estate agent must inquire about the specifications of the subdivision as well as future constructions.

The real estate agent accompanies clients during the visits, but he must know if they have the financial capacity.

But how do you choose a good real estate agent?

It must meet the expectations and expectations of its customers. It is essential that the agent knows the real estate market and all the procedures that cover real estate transactions, such as marketing and customer service techniques, human relations, business relationships, among others.


He must be able to solve all future problems

He must lead the negotiations and not vice versa. If clients know your weaknesses or those of the real estate agent, the sale will be led by the opposing party. You have a family who can accommodate you or you can opt for rental.

A good real estate agent should be aware that the client constantly demands efficiency, ethical responsibility, security and honesty when deciding on their real estate investments.

Must be organized and responsible

Make sure the company and the professionals involved in the process are punctual and insist. He must, for example, know the specifics of the specifications of the subdivision. For example, if the subdivision does not accept dogs the real estate agent must be aware.