The Casual Look for the Best Winterwear

A casual look is a good alternative to a strict dress code for office workers. This is a new degree of freedom. The basis of style is the choice of clothing that will be practical and give comfort.

Casual style: what is it?


Casual knitwear clothes for every day, which are not, selected according to strict fashion rules. The direction is based on the use of convenient and simple things. The mission of this combination is maximum comfort. A person does not have to think about the question: what to wear today? Casual for most people under the age of 40 has become a major trend. The stylistic direction is suitable for walking in the park, studying at school and universities and working in the office.

Today, things of the current season can combine additional elements. Designers divide the style of 2018-2019 into the following types:

  • The city ​​for a busy city life
  • Smart elegance,
  • Business format,
  • Sport is a sports direction.

According to casual clothing should have a normal size? Wide or narrow models are not allowed. Casual style for men means comfort in everything. It is comfortable for a person to bend down, squat and raise his hands. Stiffness in movement is not allowed.

Casual Style Features for Men

The direction of casual is intended for a person active and active. This clothing is suitable for everyday life. The fundamental basis of the trend is convenience and simplicity. Freedom of expression has gained widespread popularity. The style is not connected with the prohibitions on the choice of style.

A person can easily wear denim shorts, a jacket and a plaid shirt with sneakers. This combination looks harmonious when all the elements are selected competently. Casual is especially common among urban residents of different ages. Despite its versatility, the style has a number of prohibitions, namely:

  • A certain kind of uniform, costume.
  • Ethnic and national outfits.
  • Clothing for formal celebrations dress coats, tuxedos, etc.
  • Elements related to foreign formats punk, hip-hop
  • Tracksuits

Casual Dress Code for Men

The casual style for men consists of several important attributes. By choosing them correctly, you can form a beautiful and stylish image. There are certain model restrictions.


For most men, a shirt is an important attribute of the classic style. In smart-casual, this thing is also popular. Prefer the Oxford model in blue, which will remain relevant for a long time. The thing goes well with jeans and a jumper. Dark colors are suitable for people with dark skin. If you dream of a modern look, opt for a shirt without a collar. It is advisable to replenish the wardrobe with a checkered shirt. A thing well emphasizes your personality.


Cardigan is best made from quality knitwear. Models with a V neckline and a shawl collar look beautiful. Sports models have a fastener, standard buttons. If you are working on an original image, choose models with ties. Cardigan is designed to form the image of a smart casual blazer. Wearing a jacket on top, you emphasize your efficiency. A tie will help you to be formal in the dress code.

Tie and other accessories

A tie is not a key element of style. It is worn if the situation requires it. In practice just letting go of the top button on a man’s shirt. Clips and sunglasses will help you to add originality to the image when buying ties, do not bet on classic styles.