filler masterbatch

The white Masterbatch production process is simple

The white filler masterbatch is the addition of titanium dioxide to the carrier resin, with some dispersants to improve the dispersion effect of titanium dioxide in the support to produce a uniform dispersion, white masterbatch of high-quality Masterbatch, like the application of more additives than the world polymeric material.

filler masterbatch

The white masterbatch production process is simple, easy to use; the decentralised effect is excellent, it is easy to get production automation; Currently widely used in courier bags, milk films, detergent bags, toothpaste tube, protective film, food packaging bags and sheets, and other products.

With a small body, great energy to describe the white and therefore suitable masterbatch, the white masterbatch is small, but the purchase of a good product must pay attention to many factors. The domestic quality of the white masterbatch varies greatly, to understand that a small number of friends in choosing such products is more difficult to start.

White is high

The white of the masterbatch is mainly manifested by titanium dioxide in the colour masterbatch, and many factors influence the titanium dioxide laundry, which mainly includes the size, shape and particle size of the titanium dioxide particles, Type and content of impurities and lattice defects of titanium dioxide particles. In general, since the chlorination of raw materials on the purity of titanium dioxide is high and the impurities in the preparation process are also minor, the White Masterbatch in such a way that the sulfuric acid chloride titanium bicarbonate is better.

In the reality of the white mother market, many producers of white masterbatch by adding the same amount of calcium carbonate ash, barium sulfate, zinc sulfur which proposes as white titanium dioxide, in fact, white linen, inorganic powder laundry and Titanium dioxide is unparalleled.

The hiding of power is better

The hiding of power is also a very important indicator of the requirements of white masterbatch. The good power of hiding means that the pigment has a strong colouring ability, and the desired effect can be achieved with a small amount of addition. The sliding force of the white masterbatch depends on the choice of titanium dioxide and the treatment technology, the rutile titanium dioxide compared to the anatase titanium anhydride, has a smaller and narrower lattice and a higher refractive index. Therefore the hidden and UV power Resistance is significantly better than anatase.

For the use of the same type of white rutile titanium dioxide masterbatch, the particle size of titanium dioxide is small, reduced particle distribution, good dispersion in the hatching force of the masterbatch compared to the distribution of titanium dioxide particles; poor dispersion in the masterbatch performance is good. Similarly, the White Masterbatch is not comparable to the common calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, the hidden power of zinc sulfide and titanium dioxide.

The moisture content of the white masterbatch for masterbatch performance also plays an important role in the general moisture content to control the following 1500 ppm, which require rigid at 600 ppm in the injection moulding procedure, the raw materials are generally in the first production drying.