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What is the difference between conductors and insulators?

Some may think that why the energy rates are calculated, and it is a waste of time. It wrong, every person should calculate the energy rates because it shows how much current you are using in your daily life. If your electricity bill too high by using the energy rates your calculation you can know about the limit and usage. Many have doubts about choosing electricity plans.

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In this world, every man’s daily life is incomplete without electricity. When he wakes up morning and he sleeps at night electricity helps him each and every minute. For example, nowadays without alarm sound, no person wakes up. So the alarm sound comes from the battery and the battery is filled with current the flow of electrons.

How the electric current is produced?

First, you assume that you have a copper wire that is filled with copper atoms. The outermost shell of the copper consists of one electron. When you push a free-electron inside the copper wire it automatically moves to another atom. The negative charge of the electron will move to the other electron from its outer shell. This makes a continuous chain process. The chaining process is known as electric current.

The flowing current can be easily done in the elements like copper, aluminum, and gold like metals, and in some elements like glass, tires, rubber is non-current passing elements. The current flowing is measured by the unit named ampere. One ampere is equal to one coulomb of moving charge in a second.

Power to Choose

The current will not move automatically inside the wire so why we are using batteries. You can see the symbol of the positive and negative symbol on both sides of your batteries this means that the battery is filled with both positively charged particles and negatively charged particles. The charge should be maintained in the correct amount this is done by the electrons. It helps to maintain the level of positive and negative charge inside the battery. A complete battery is known as a closed circuit. And when the one end of the wire is connected to the positive charge and the other side is left it is named as an open circuit.

Every circuit needs a continuous path to return to the source. Mostly you can see in electric current laboratories without slippers you cannot enter the lab this is because your slippers are made by using rubber. In a current flow, rubber acts as an insulator that blocks the current, so if any fire accident happens inside the lab you slipper will not allow the current to pass through you. Without continuity, the current flow neither will nor occurs.

There are many procedures to be followed inside the power station. Before handling current and current related options you should know the pros and cons of it. Without the help of the lab worker, you should not touch any object inside the power station.